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TIP’s to Sell Your Home for the Best Price & Fast

Be Open to Your Realtor’s Suggestions For Staging Your Home

Chances are, your real estate agent will make specific suggestions regarding cosmetic and/or major changes in your home’s appearance to make it more attractive to buyers—perhaps even specific buyers he or she has in mind.

This is called staging the home, and any good Realtor® will go over this information with you.

Buyers Will Pay Premium for Garage Spaces

Buyers Will Pay Premium for Garage Spaces

Extra garage space is coveted among home buyers. In a new analysis by®, the site’s researchers examine median listing prices per square foot and all homes listed between Jan. 1 and Oct. 31 to determine how much more sellers are asking per parking spot.

Big Garage Space Matters

The Garage May Be a Big Selling Point

More buyers are house-hunting with garages in mind. Twenty-four percent of homes built in 2015 came with space for three or more cars in the garage – the highest share since the Census Bureau started tracking large garages in 1992. In fact, home builders are now constructing more three-car garages than one-bedroom apartments, Bloomberg reports.

The Making Of A Pallet Wood Wall

This is a little bit of information on Garage decorating and the creation of cool accent walls using old pallet wood. This is a project we started in our basement garage to spruce up the walls with a reclaimed wood wall feel on the cheap.

We started the process by installing 2×4 nailer studs to the concrete walls. We then installed 3/8 inch particle board by nailing the 4×8 sheets to the recently installed studs. Next you have 2 options, you can paint the backer board black or take the easier path which we did. We stapled the thinnest roofing felt we could find to the particle board. This is so no gaps in the boards show through.