TIP’s on Selecting a Realtor

Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

Once you’ve decided to consult with an agent, the decision of which one to choose is probably the biggest and most important decision you’ll make in the entire process.

You are obviously reading our tips so we assume we will be considered but we always welcome the opportunity to compete for your business. The best first step to identify our competition is to talk with close friends and relatives who have recently sold a home. Ask if they had a good experience, whether they would recommend the agent and if they had any reservations or things they wished the agent had done differently. Now is the time to find out about any issues.

Here are a few things to think about when first talking to a perspective agent:

  • Have they personally owned and transacted 10 or more personally owned homes?
  • Do they seem professional and high-quality?
  • Do they present an image of an organized, competent professional?
  • Do they impress you as someone you may be interested in working with?
  • Do they come across as a strong negotiator?

Keep in mind that if you don’t like the way they market themselves and other people’s homes, you probably won’t like the way they market yours either.

You have to feel great (not just good) about the person who is helping you with the single largest investment you have. Ask lots of questions and feel GREAT about their answers!

The Next Step

Once you have a list of several names, call each of them and explain that you’re thinking about selling your home. Ask them if they have any information that they could send you, since you’d like to be able to make a decision about which agents to interview before you list.

The most professional agents will have personal brochures that introduce you to them and let you know a little bit about who they are and how they work.

What You See Is What You Get

Again the quality of these materials will say a lot about the quality and the professionalism of the service they provide.

Also, pay attention to how they respond to your request.

• How quickly do they get the information to you?
• Are they friendly and helpful?
• Are they just pushy or hungry for a listing?
• Does this seem like someone you’d be interested in talking with?

If they aren’t organized and professional enough to respond promptly to your first request to find out more about them, they’ll probably handle potential buyers for your home the same way.

If you like the way they respond to you and are impressed with the information they supply, invite them to make a listing presentation.

It’s always a good practice to meet with more than one potential agent before making a final decision—usually three to five for sellers.

Just make sure that you don’t meet with more than one from the same company. This could cause internal strife which would be counterproductive in marketing your home.

What to Look For During the Listing Presentation

Every agent you meet with will have a different style and a different way of presenting his or her services. During your meeting, think about how comfortable you feel with this person and how well they communicate with you.

This is your chance to evaluate this person at his or her “best” in a sales situation. If you don’t like what you see, think about how potential buyers for your home will respond.

What you should be looking for, first and foremost, is an honest and knowledgeable individual representing a solid and reputable real estate agency, who will treat your best interests as paramount.

Real Estate today is more of a technology business then a relationship business, make sure the agents you interview are very technology savvy and use the latest technologies to market your property.

Make sure they have very good camera equipment with a wide angle Anamorphic lens to take professional pictures of your house. A normal point and shoot camera’s will not deliver as inviting or high quality of a photo being taken with a Anamorphic lens. This lens will take a more full shot of your rooms and make them feel larger when prospective buyers are looking at your home on the internet. 

While the right agent to market your home may not be number one in terms of every aspect, you want to make sure that the person you hire is a well-rounded individual who you can trust and respect as a professional.

Get to the Heart of the Matter

Ask the agent what he or she will do to expedite the sale of your home.

A good response is one that is a direct and comprehensive plan of action reflecting your goals and your unique situation. Despite having the same basic marketing tools at their disposal, every real estate professional has a different marketing strategy.

Look for someone who doesn’t rely on the same marketing tool every time.

What worked for yesterday’s seller may not get the results you want. The key is to find an agent who will use all the tools available to your best advantage.

Communication is another key.

Make sure your agent not only demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the entire process, but is able to explain it to you clearly and let you know what things, if any, are particularly critical given your individual transaction.

He or she should have enough experience and expertise to be able to handle whatever comes along during your sale, even if it’s something they’ve never seen.

Ask you agent how many homes the agent has personally owned, built and sold. Having an agent who has lived on both the agent and the home owner side means a lot!

Ask your agent exactly what you can expect from them during the sale in terms of service and communication.

A true professional will provide you with a checklist of exactly what they’ll do for you as well as a systematic method of providing you with frequent feedback on the status of your sale.

Only with the proper up-to-date information can you make the decisions about your sale which will help you realize the most profit.

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